Ephemera and Antiques

The following original front covers of Australian Home Beautiful have been framed with UV filtering glass to preserve each image. Contact us to view or purchase.


Home Beautiful front cover                      April  1951                                           $250
Home Beautiful front cover                          June 1949                                          $250
Home Beautiful front cover                      October 1946                                      $250









Home Beautiful front cover                    March 1960                                        $250










Australian Home Beautiful cover               May 1949                                                 $250
Australian Home Beautiful cover               March 1951                                           $250










The following images are mounted and come with a foamboard backing, ready for framing.


“The Yachtsman” front cover 11 October 1900. Matted $120.
“At the Narrows”. Photolitho from The Western Mail, Christmas 1928. Matted $120.